Freelance graphic design, development and animation from Door 15 Studio

Anthony is a freelance graphic designer, developer and animator.

If you are looking for a UK reliable freelance graphic designer, developer or animator with experience and reliability, then you have come to the right place. My name is Anthony and I have been freelancing full time for many years since deciding to go full time back in 2005.

I live and work in Loughborough, Leicestershire and since 2005 I have worked on many projects, from small low budget jobs for individuals to large high profile projects. Working on these jobs has rewarded me with a vast amount of knowledge and experience, which I am always adding to. I also Share this experience with new clients and businesses I meet through the website or through networking locally or nationally.

Having so much diversity in my day-to-day freelancing job is what makes it so interesting and gives me the added knowledge and experience I would not normally get working from being employed by one company alone. So… Why not give me a call or drop me an email? I am always looking for new partnerships. So whether it’s a small job such as a logo design or Flash, Html5 animation, or maybe a large job like a company website or Html5, Flash interaction I am here to offer my freelance services as and when you need me.

Over the years I have worked on some amazing brands

I have found freelancing for so many years that reliability is critical for most of my clients. After all you do not know me, so building that confidence quickly is very important when forging long or short-term partnerships. Because I freelance full time you can be confident that I am available throughout the working week. So if you need to ring or email me I am usually available immediately or with in an hour or so if in a meeting.

Weekdays 9:00am to 5:00pm | Saturdays 10:00am to 12:00pm

These are the times and days above that I work during the week freelancing. I also give holiday notice at the bottom of my website page to keep new or existing clients informed about my off days for bank holidays or my family annual holidays.

Freelance Flash and ActionScript development

Flash can and is used on many different platforms. It’s not just about Flash animations or simple effects. Flash can be used to produce excellent web applications, games and even fully featured desktop applications. All ActionScript, Flash development is done in ActionScript 3.0 unless otherwise requested. I also provide Flash animation in tween or coded style depending on what you prefer.

Concerned about Apple coverage? Why not look at my Html5 animation and development freelance services instead.

Freelance Html5 and Flash animation services

Animate a logo? Splash Screen? or website component? Whatever animation you are looking for I have experience in animating many subjects in both Flash and Html5. I also have the necessary skills and experience to provide animation for other formats such as .mov, .mp4 etc for video production.

Animation can be a very powerful marketing tool and also increase your visitor times on website dramatically. I go over some of the benefits of animation on my blog post ‘The benefits of Flash and Html5 animation‘. Why not head over there to see how animation can benefit your website or online marketing campaign.

HTML5 & CSS3 freelance development

Html5 is the new development kid on the block and is a very exciting and up and coming developer platform. Html5 can be used for many applications such as simple animations, video embedding to rich website applications and interactions for your website or online marketing.

If you are also concerned about Apple device coverage then Html5 is perfect for this and offers pretty stable coverage to not only Apple device but also modern browsers on desktop, mobile and tablet.

Freelance contracted bespoke e-learning development

Electronic leaning or E-learning has so many advantages over physical paper learning as you can engage with the learner and present learning material in interesting and exciting ways. Having a unique and tailored learning experience developed for you, what we call ‘bespoke e-learning‘ gives you the freedom to come up with what ever ideas you like and if the development platform supports that Idea then most likely the idea can be development into a fantastic learning experience.

I provide Bespoke E-learning in various different platforms such as Scorm courses, individual Q and A’s or fully featured educational games for both adults, teenagers and young children. I have written several blog posts and pages on E-learning and it’s benefits so feel free to have a read and see some of my previous work or simple get in touch today to see how we can turn your educational idea into a fantastic piece of electronic learning.

Web applications and interactions

A T-shirt design app, a web quiz, a 360 degree product viewer. These are just some of the web applications that I have developed in the past in both Flash and Html5 while freelancing. Web applications can bring excellent benefits to your website or online marketing campaign. It is a common conception that offering a user an interactive experience can really engage them in your message whether advertising or product message and help prolong visitor time and cut down on bounce rates.

Having an application support your physical product such as a product print designer or 360 product viewer can give your products a unique selling point and differentiate you from your competitors. After all we all want to generate those sales and rise above our competitors and having unique features such as an interactive experience or web application can help you do that.

Freelance print and graphic design

Logo? Business card? Website? Brochure? We live in an ever growing image focused world where image and a good brand is everything so having an attractive image as well as having well thought out and laid out content is very important for your marketing message, business brand.

I design many types of printed and web graphics whether it’s a logo, set of icons, website or advertising banner you can use me for whatever you need for your online marketing, printed marketing or website needs.

It also does not matter if you are an individual, business or agency as I have experience in working for small or large entities and I am happy to work on any size budgets. Simply call or email me with your graphic design requirements and I will be available to give you a free competitive quotation for the graphic design work you need.

Html5 & Css3 freelance development

Html5 combined with Css 3.0 is the future of web sites and web applications, bringing super-fast dynamic effects and cross-platform compatibility on modern browsers and devices such as iPad and iPhone.

If you want to be ahead of the game and leave your competitors standing, take advantage of new social media networks and technologies. Get started on a brand new modern web site or web application for your business or your personal portfolio.

"Thank you for your time and effort in the project you undertook for us. You made the project a success and we thought you would be glad to know! You listened, understood and delivered way past our expectations, offering sound advice when needed. We look forward to working with you again in the future."

− Nzime

"Working with Anthony was a leap of faith initially as it is when working with suppliers for the first time but my apprehension was soon allayed. Anthony is consistently professional and approaches projects in an intelligent and creative way. Anthony is seen more of an extension to our business than a third party supplier and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him."

− Pixel Room

"Anthony was very easy to work with. After initially contacting him with my idea, he explained what could be done and how, making it easy to understand the benefits and drawbacks of the various technologies that could be used. After commissioning Anthony he completed the work very quickly, keeping me up to date with progress along the way. My company is more than happy with what Anthony produced for us and if we need anything doing again I will definitely ask Anthony."

− TTC Parts

"A good listener, Anthony works well with his customer to produce exactly what we want. Good quality service and work that results in high standard of design."

− Abmas Engineering

"We at MJ Publishing have used Anthony a number of times in creating interactive activities for children and young people to be used in schools. His work is always of the highest quality and he has great intuition when it comes to design. He is also very good at translating the simple briefs into wonderful pieces of work."

− MJ Publishing

Freelance Flash & ActionScript development

Flash and ActionScript can be powerful tools for providing rich and engaging experiences and interactions on your web site or desktop solutions. Flash isn’t just about animated effects and online games – it can be used to create amazing desktop applications and interactions at a fraction of the cost of any other development language that can be delivered to desktop, mobile or online.

Whether you need a desktop application, an online game, an animated banner, a custom designed web application or an e-learning course, Flash still has an important role to play in the future of digital software delivery.